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Quality Carton & Converting, LLC. was started in 2000, by a family with a vision for the future of folding carton production.  The Hatch family was already well entrenched in the industry dating back over 5 decades.  Their experience encompassed many outlets including food service, retail and shoe industries.

In 2000, the Hatch family started with one press, and an immense amount of hard work and a belief in impeccable customer service.  Through this work effort, QCC has been able to continually grow over the past 16 years.  By developing innovative converting methods and continually reinvesting in new technology QCC stays ahead of our competitors, which in turn benefits our customers.

We have developed a Stock Box Program for the food service industry.  The Stock Box Program includes:

  • Clay Bakery Boxes
  • Clay Pizza Boxes (available in Kraft with special order)
  • Pink Bakery Boxes
  • Kraft Bakery Boxes
  • Window Bakery Boxes (available in both White and Kraft)
  • Utility Trays/Boxes & Cup Carriers

We strive to provide the highest quality stock products in the industry.  All stock products may be custom printed.

Beyond the Stock Box Program we also produce custom folding cartons of many different varieties.  From design of the carton to the graphics to the printing, die cutting, windowing and gluing we can produce many different styles.

Using our past experience and knowledge we are continually looking into the future.  Whether it’s upgrading equipment or expanding into new lines of products, QCC is committed to staying at the forefront of our industry.  All of our employees share our beliefs regarding our products and customers.  They are always looking to produce, ship and service industry leading products that will make our customers proud to use QCC.  We look forward to being a leader in customer focused folding carton production for decades to come.

Our Management Team

Dave Hatch, Sr.

President / CEO

Audrey Hatch

Vice President Sales / Comptroller

Dave Hatch, Jr.

Vice President Sales / GM

Robert Reed

Operations / HR Manager

Chris Cattan

Facilities / Maintenance Manager

Sheri Curry

Customer Service Manager