Cupcake Inserts

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Our Cupcake Inserts are the perfect finishing touch to securely hold your cupcakes in place. Available in one, two, four, six and twelve count options. Sold through distribution only. Contact QCC for your local distributor today.

  • 13-7/8″x9-7/8″x7/8″ Mini Cupcake Insert, 24 Count

  • 13-7/8″x9-7/8″x7/8″ Standard Cupcake Insert, 12 Count

  • 3-7/8″x3-7/8″x5/8″ Jumbo Cupcake Insert, 1 Count

  • 3-7/8″x3-7/8″x7/8″ Standard Cupcake Insert, 1 Count

  • 7-7/8″x3-7/8″x5/8″ Jumbo Cupcake Insert, 2 Count

  • 7-7/8″x3-7/8″x7/8″ Standard Cupcake Insert, 2 Count

  • 7-7/8″x7-7/8″x7/8″ Standard Cupcake Insert, 4 Count

  • 8-7/8″x8-7/8″x3/4″ Mini Cupcake Insert, 12 Count

  • 9-7/8″x9-7/8″x7/8″ Standard Cupcake Insert, 6 Count