Cups Trays and Carriers

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Convenient and safe ways to carry your on-the-go food and drinks with our Cup Trays, and Carriers. With a variety of options, we are sure you will find exactly what you need! Sold through distribution only. Contact QCC for your local distributor today.

  • 10″x5 7/8″x2 1/2-4″ Kraft “J” Tray 4-Cup Push Up Holder

  • 10″x6 3/4″x2 1/2-4″ Kraft Super “J” 4-Cup Push Up Holder

  • 10″x6 3/4″x2 1/2″ Kraft 4-Cup Push Up Holder (Model B)

  • 7″x3″x9″ Kraft 2-Cup Handled Carrier

  • 7″x7″x9″ Kraft 4-Cup Handled Carrier